Interview Eva Spierenburg and Jarno Thierens

Apostelstraat 20
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A few months ago, Eva Spierenburg engaged in a conversation with Jarno Thierens. From this conversation Eva drew inspiration for a new piece of work.

From painting, the work of Eva Spierenburg (Netherlands) evolved to interventions in space using drawings, murals, (found) objects and structures. As a result of pain, her work also underwent a change in terms of content. Only in the event of a physical defect do we really seem to become aware of the importance of our body. This awareness of the body, with its strengths and weaknesses, is something Eva also investigated through conversations with various athletes and G-sport athletes.

Jarno Thierens (1998), is a Belgian cyclist from Sint-Niklaas active in para-cycling. As a result of an accident with his bike, he lost his right foot in 2011. He started his top sports career with swimming, participating in the European Championships in 2021. Forced to quit due to a shoulder injury, he fully and successfully focused on cycling in 2022. Currently, he is entirely focused on his training sessions in the hopes of getting his ticket to the Paralympics in Paris.

Location: Stationsstraat 90, Sint-Niklaas

Date: Sunday, April 21

Time: 12h15 - 13h15

Free of charge upon presentation of your Coup de Ville admission ticket.

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Eva Spierenburg - Arthur Martin
Eva Spierenburg - Arthur Martin
Jarno Thierens - Joyce Vanhoutte
Jarno Thierens
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