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About the Privacy Policy

WARP vzw, with its registered office at Apostelstraat 20, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, believes that protecting your privacy and personal data is important. That is why, through this privacy policy, we want to explain to you as transparently as possible what personal information we may collect from you, why we want to collect it, how we want to use it, and how we want to handle it.

The current Privacy Statement relates to all personal data collected and processed by the Jan Buytaert Foundation and WARP vzw. The latter falls under the management of the Jan Buytaert Foundation. In this Privacy Statement, WARP explains what information is collected about you, what it wants to use that information for, and who it shares it with. WARP can change the privacy policy at any time, for example, by making legal changes to the privacy policy (external), but also by changes in the way it works (internal).

What does this privacy policy apply to?

This privacy policy applies to all services provided by WARP and Stichting Jan Buytaert, hereinafter referred to as WARP for short. WARP's “all services” includes: - the WARP services that you come into contact with via a visit to WARP, media actions, public events organized by WARP as well as administrative services (applications, billing, etc.) - all WARP online services, namely the website, apps, internet services offered by WARP and access to content (e.g. press site for journalists, digital platforms,...)

Whose data do we collect?

WARP collects and processes personal data of natural persons with whom WARP has, has had or wishes to have a direct or indirect relationship in the future.

Data collection and processing.

By “data processing”, WARP means “any processing of personal data”. Processing refers to collecting, recording, organizing, storing, updating, modifying, retrieving, consulting, using, distributing or otherwise making available, bringing together, combining, archiving, deleting or destroying. WARP must always have the visitor's legally required consent to process the personal data. The data is stored on a secure WARP server on the one hand and at physical locations on the other. WARP has a procedure that takes effect in the event of (a) possible data breach (s).

How does WARP collect data?

Personal information provided by you

In order to use certain services, you will provide WARP with a number of personal information, such as an email address, name, date of birth, address and place of residence. Additional information, such as interests, may also be requested to help WARP provide more customized services.
Your data is also stored when you contact WARP by phone, mail, public WI-FI, a physical visit...

Personal information that WARP collects through your use of the WARP online services

These are:

Log file data, such as an IP address, pages opened, mouse clicks, the date and time of your visit, your browser... This data allows you to recognize the visitor and can tell WARP how the visitor uses the services. (e.g. what exhibitions did you click on, what events interest you, did you just click or read everything, how did you end up on the website...) Device information, such as IP address, brand, type and operating system of your device. If relevant, WARP can also provide a rough indication of your location.

Why does WARP collect data?

WARP collects personal information for the following purposes:

Service and maintaining the relationship with the visitor

WARP collects data in order to provide the requested services: informing about exhibitions, activities, studios, artist talks, openings, press releases, performances, general promotion, new publications... *inviting to exhibitions and all kinds of activities related to WARP

Direct marketing

Subject to your approval, WARP collects your data for the purpose of sending newsletters and invitations to activities or news related to WARP

Financial administration

WARP processes personal data in order to properly carry out WARP's accounting and administration.

Recruitment purposes

WARP collects personal data with a view to recruiting new employees. This is done by mutual agreement.

Data sharing

WARP will never share or sell personal information to third parties.


WARP uses a number of independent service providers, such as to provide a number of infrastructure or IT services, carry out payment transactions,... It is therefore possible that these companies will have access to certain data and information as part of the order received from WARP. WARP only allows this to the extent that this is necessary for the execution of their assignment and that these companies offer the necessary guarantees with regard to the access and possible use of this data and information.

Social media

Some Warp online services have social media buttons from social networking platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This allows museum visitors to share information. These buttons are not managed by WARP, but by the social networks themselves. As a result, WARP has no control over the applications that these companies create with these buttons and the WARP Privacy Policy does not apply here. Each social network has its own privacy policy that visitors to the museum can consult.


WARP may be required to share or disclose personal data to the authorities. This can be done, for example, as part of a judicial investigation or decision, to detect and resolve fraud or security issues, to comply with the law, or to protect WARP's rights.

Data security

WARP has taken the necessary steps to keep both digital and physically stored personal data safe, correct and up to date.

Data retention period

The personal data is not kept longer than necessary to carry out the Warp activities and provide our services. A legal obligation may require WARP to keep your personal data longer.

What are the visitors' rights and how can they be exercised?

Right to access personal data
WARP offers all visitors the opportunity to view personal data. The visitor has the right to answer the following questions: * Does WARP process my personal data? * What is the personal data processed for? * What categories of personal data exist? * What categories of third parties does WARP share personal data with? * What is the origin of the processed data? * Why does WARP process certain personal data automatically?

Modify/unsubscribe to the newsletter service
At the bottom of each mailing, the visitor will find the option to change their details or unsubscribe.

Right to object to the processing of your data for direct marketing
The visitor has the right to object to the processing of his/her data for direct marketing purposes at any time.

Right to rectification and deletion
Incorrect, outdated or inappropriate personal data can always be modified or deleted upon request.

Right “to be forgotten”
The visitor has the right to have their personal data removed from WARP's files at any time.

We regularly review our compliance with this privacy policy. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us:

WARP vzw