Who are we?

At WARP,  presentation has intertwined with (talent) development and this clearly reflects in our program, approach and stimulates our long-term view.

Since our establishment in 2006, WARP has been asking what needs artists have and how we as an organization can contribute to them. This is why WARP has taken the side of the artist. This means that we do not look at artistry from the outside, but create an environment that stimulates, facilitates and enables professional artistic development. This commitment culminates in exhibitions that are wide-ranging, both towards the artist and the public.

We have a soft spot and a nose for emerging artistic talent, but also for underexposedbodies of work and valuable artistic positions that deserve more attention.  The recruiting WARP portfolio days, the artist village - and (since recently) our residencies, are thereforea fixed value within our operations. Contacts, lectures, artist talks and collaborations at home and abroad result from these, with four in-house exhibitions every year. Every three to four years, this operation culminates in the Coup de Ville trail exhibition.

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What do we do?

Predominantly group exhibitions with changing themes.

Showcase project K1 & K2
From an open call, 8 artists receive the opportunity to share their solo micro-presentation with the public for three weeks (24/7).

Coup de Ville
A poetic and artistic coup that immerses the city of Sint-Niklaas in art every three to four years.

Artist Village
During our portfolio days, dialogues and Artist Villages, we provide emerging artists with feedback and stimulating input through intense conversations with professionals. Selection takes place via an open call.

Upon request or in the context of upcoming exhibitions.

Extra muros
Collaborations with partners / abroad / public spaces.

Volunteer work
Our volunteers provide our organization with broad generational and extremely diverse community support. Our operation is only possible thanks to their efforts!

Our location

Kunstenplatform WARP

Apostelstraat 20, 9100 Sint-Niklaas


WARP organises its activities from 'Huis Jan Buytaert'. Through the legacy of artist Jan Buytaert (1939- 2011), WARP manages this 19th-century mansion with garden (1000 m²) and its works of art, right in the center of Sint-Niklaas. The house underwent thorough renovations to transform it into a place with full-fledged exhibition spaces with space for lectures and supporting activities.

The management of Jan Buytaert's home and artistic patrimony is done by the Jan Buytaert Foundation (company number 0844 905 434).

How to get there:

With De Lijn (bus)
From the stop 'Sint-Niklaas Grote Markt', you can walk to WARP via the Sint-Nicolaasplein in 3 minutes.

With the NMBS (train)
From the Sint-Niklaas Station, you can walk to WARP in 15 minutes via the Stationsstraat and Houtbriel.

By car
Via the E17, you enter Sint-Niklaas along the Parklaan.

Parking options (paying)
- Grote Markt, underground car park, 150 m from WARP
- Zwijgershoek: overground car park, 500 m from WARP
- Hendrik Heymanplein: bus parking area

Note: WARP is located in a traffic-free zone. Loading and unloading at the door is only possible between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., or by appointment.

The ground floor is accessible for wheelchair users.

The washrooms are equipped with an adapted toilet for wheelchair users and we also have a baby changing table.

Our team

WARP consists of a small performative core, surrounded by numerous volunteers. We also partner with freelancers on a project-by-project basis, each excelling in their own area of expertise.

Core team

General director - Stef Van Bellingen, artistic assistant - Saraya Richter, administration - Anne Vanraes.
Our freelancers: business advice - Wim Viaene, curators - Ilka De Wilde and Paul L Van Haegenbergh, communication - Judith Van Bellingen, photography - Wim Heirbaut.


Albert Beirnaert, Frans Brusselmans, Thibeault De Mulder, Dirk Boel, Liesbeth Lisaerde, Dieter De Pauw, Rudy Frencken, Joel Schuurmans, Tom De Meulenaere, Marleen Colyn, Willy Toté, Lieve Ruys, Christine Ongena, Peter Raes, Diane Van Camp, Simon Van Geerts, Yannick Vergeylen, Emile Van Bgena Eellingen, Charlot Vael, Riet Wouters...


Thérèse De Buck, Wim De Cuyper (chairman), Ronny De Mulder, Faryda Moumouh, Ann Truyens, Charlot Vael (junior observer), Luk Van Meervenne, Gwendolina Willems.

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Art and its absolute necessity are not always a given. That is why we are so grateful for the support of an ever-growing group of enthusiastic people who contribute - large or small - to WARP's mission.
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