Yoga initiation with Johan Goessens

Casinostraat 6
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Many top athletes, artists and musicians find salvation in practicing yoga to enrich their artistic practice and personal lives. Yoga helps strengthen their muscles and increases their flexibility and mobility. This in turn helps to prevent injuries, reduce pain and restore their mobility after an injury.

This is why Johan Goessens (general director of the Classical Dance Foundation) attaches such importance to yoga.

Please provide comfortable clothing. You may bring your own yoga mat, but this is not a must. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary to participate in this initiation lesson.

Location: Classical Dance Foundation, Casinostraat 6, Sint-Niklaas

Date: Sunday, April 14

Time: 11h00 - 12h00

Free of charge upon presentation of your Coup de Ville admission ticket.

Do you want to participate in this initiation? Reserve your spot via the green button! Spaces are limited!

Shutterstock - Yehudi Menuhin en leraar Iyengar
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