Documentary Luk Van Soom

Stationsstraat 90 (subject to change)
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For his documentary Ondergedompeld, director Serge Leurs immersed himself in the universe of sculptor Luk Van Soom for a period of seven years. During these seven years, cameraman Jef Van Den Langenbergh captured several moments in which Van Soom created some of his most monumental works. In addition, the director and artist traveled to Rome together, talked to people with special ties to the artist's oeuvre, and Luk even hopped back on his dirt bike to once again feel the weightlessness he pursues in his work.

The result is a hypnotic film that provides an insight into the world of this high-profile artist.

Location: Stationsstraat 90

Date: Sunday, May 5

Starting time: 17h00

Free of charge upon presentation of your Coup de Ville admission ticket.

No reservation required to participate in this activity.

Luk Van Soom
Luk Van Soom
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