Conversation with Robert Van Dromme

Apostelstraat 20
Warp members:

Robert Van Dromme is a painter who with his works creates snapshots similar to photography. His inspiration often comes from the world of sports, especially cycling, where photos, still images and even old Panini stickers are given new life. Resulting in monumental portraits of former top athletes, with a focus on transience.

He magnifies a moment of supreme glory, giving the main character a renewed place in our collective memory. Besides teaching at d' Academie Beeld in Sint-Niklaas, he is also a black belt karateka (third dan).

Location: WARP, Apostelstraat 20

Date: Sunday, April 28

Time: 14h00 - 15h00

Free of charge upon presentation of your Coup de Ville admission ticket.

A reservation is not required to attend this activity.

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