"In 2013, I was invited for WARP's 2013 edition of Coup de Ville under the theme "Attracted by Another Level" by curator/director Stef van Bellingen. The vital support of WARP's commission program for young artists helped me to realize the video performance "Zero Gravity", a significant artwork for my career and artistic development that toured the world thereafter. It was key to my success and growth as a visual artist through solo exhibitions at the Chelsea Gallery 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel (2013) in New York as well as a solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Unna in Germany; presented also as part of the solo shows "01111010 (...) 01111001" at Esther Donatz Gallery (2015) at "Kino der Kunst" in Munich, at "OPHELIA" my first museum solo exhibition at SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen and after at Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken (2019/2020). In addition, it was featured in screenings at Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn (2017), "Der Stinknormale Mann" at Motorenhalle in Dresden (2018), "Mythic Age" at acinema in Milwaukee (2017) as well as group show as the "24th Biennial of Humor and Satire" at House of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo in Bulgaria (2019) and "Video Shop" at NADA New York by Kunstraum LLC (2016).


To obtain opportunities for artistic experimentation, production of knowledge, and meaning as well as exposure and connection to other young practitioners, is essential for artists such as myself to thrive and continue our career paths inside the international community of the visual arts. I much appreciate the trust, vision, and support extended by WARP and its director/curator Stef van Bellingen towards my work and find it an exceptional arts organization on an international horizon."


Nadja Verena Marcin