Reactions PORTFOLIO DAY Vienna 2017




„I have heard from portfolio days for long but not within the Fine Arts scene, so I was honored to get invited by my gallery owner. In the most positive sense, it was what I had expected. I had interesting speed datings with mostly curators. I thought it was good no-one knew upfront who will be matched together. Besides the positive feedback which was good for my self-esteem the most helpful questions were to ask for my future plans and how to achieve them. Here, I could find some things which need to be changed in the presence. The whole day was wonderful, not only the talks, it was the new connections to the other artists, the show within Krinzinger Projekte, the input presentation. Nevertheless I think more than one day is needed to have time to process information and have another chance to talk on the next day. Last but not least, I would like to thank Stef Van Bellingen and the WARP-organisation. It is good to make positive things happen in more and more repressive political situations which make it for artists even harder to survive and to find uplifting moments in their daily practice.To put it in a nut shell: The meet & greets are like energy shots!“


BUSSI & CIAO BABA from Vienna








Dear Stef,


I really enjoyed everything last weekend!

It's a pity that I wasn't able to join for the philosophical walk on sunday.

But of course I'd like to join you for other Projects to come abroad!


Well, I really appreciate the idea of commentating and discussing works of art. After all talks I didn't feel exhausted at all. In my mood of talking I wasn't even able to hear the ringing bell.  But in fact I felt that the discussions were very productive. I could share some ideas, could give new ideas for the artists works. There is a lot of potential inside.


I am also very delighted that some of the belgium artists would like to start working with me on different occasions. The main thing is for sure getting in touch, getting connected. (Not just drinking good beer and joking around.)The atmosphere was completely calm down and relaxed. Sometimes I felt maybe a bit too relaxed. For Florian and lots of other guys that just do art and try to make their living with it, it's totally important to stay focused and go their straight way. Probably my input was to clear the artists own sight on their specific work. Today lots of guys do lots of multi media and mixed media arts, but this may not be the main Thing. It's all abubt the question or the questioning behind. My aim was to sharpen their perspective and finding out together what the reason is why they are doing what they are doing.


After all the initiative is great, but time is unfortunately less. I'd love to continue talking and thinking, because I know that it is really important. To the talk of Laura I'd like to Claim that she is a really nice Person, but the talk wasn't very striking to me. I got a bit tired during the last talks then. Maybe it was the Pizza, the blood in the belly not in my brain anymore? I don't know. Well after all: Please contact me if you have plans for Events to come. I'll contact you too!


Greetings from Vienna,








Hi Stef,


I enjoyed this afternoon/evening a lot. It is really a wonderful project! 

Below are some lines I wrote about my experience. I hope it's long enough. Hope to see you soon,

best regards,






The WARP meet & greet event in Vienna was an amazing experience for me. I especially like the idea of doing one-to-one conversations instead of only group activities. It gives the participants the possibility to go into depth and have an honest and private talk instead of simply presenting your work.

I personally gained a lot from my talks. Many new ideas and paths popped up. There were very productive critics and interesting new aspects, conversation partners pointed out about my work.

Furthermore, I think I could make connections that will lead into collaborations in the near future. I definitely will keep contact to some of the people I met and will meet them again.


I can recommend this project to anyone. It is a great opportunity to connect on an international level in an open and very personal atmosphere. 

My  own view on my work got expanded  in a crucial way during these talks- i  have been a painter all my life and 4 of 5   feedback partners urged me to also consider pairing my tableaux with  objects and installations  because my work already would suggest this angle- that was new and totally great input- i already work on two great installations right now and it works for me.I was  one of the happy few who could take part in the - in Austria not common format- of portfolio review.  After a very intense day of  talking about my work I was stunned about the  manifold positive criticism- it  is a very rare and priviledged situation for an artist to have such a  huge timeslot to present and talk about their work with people of the industry.

I am utterly greatful to have been part of this event and can only hope that  it was not the last time such  things take place in Vienna.