In addition to the major triennial arts tour Coup de Ville and the Artist Villages, WARP also organizes various smaller exhibitions. We also regularly work on site, both at home and abroad.


The house of Jan Buyaert - our headquarters in Sint-Niklaas since 2013 - features several exhibition rooms and lecture hall.


In April 2017 we also launched a new showcase project: 'K1'.
Here, young artists receive the opportunity to present their work in the display window of the adjoining house for a month.


In 2018 we organized the following exhibitions:

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Drawings by Marc Vanrunxt (Day of the Dance)
Made in China: Authentic Slovenian Art in Belgium


Projects in K1


Exhibitions in 2017:

Expo Faryda Moumouh & Zarah Hussain
Expo Tricksters
Projects in K1

Contribution Input/Output (Bruges)

Expo Feedback Loop (Vienna)