From 10 till 16 August 2015 WARP organised an international Artist Village in Bruges, in de context of the Triennial for Art and Architecture.


During this week WARP provides emerging artists with feedback and stimulating input through personal interviews with professionals. The starting point for such conversations is the artist’s portfolio. In addition to meeting national and foreign curators, critics, experienced artists, choreographers, psychoanalysts and the like, meetings between artists are at least as important for an artist’s professional development.



  • Roel Arkesteijn (Curator Het Domein, Sittard, The Netherlands)
  • Ben Benaouisse (Artist, Ghent, Belgium)
  • Ignace Bernolet (Artist / Professor, Belgium)
  • Jessie Brennan (Artist, London, UK)
  • Helen Carey (Director Fire Station Dublin)
  • Eric Croux (Artist & Curator, Hasselt, Belgium)
  • Isolde De Buck (Curator Zebrastraat Ghent, Belgium)
  • Ellen De Meuter (Artist, Belgium)
  • Sofie Dederen (Director Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee, Belgium)
  • Indra Devriendt (Art critic, Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Michel Dewilde (Curator Bruges Triennial, Belgium)
  • Hadassah Emmerich (Artist, Netherlands-Belgium)
  • Krisztina Fazekas-Kielbassa (Artist Hungary / Germany)
  • Carine Fol (Director La Centrale Brussels, Belgium)
  • Philippe Grisar (Psychoanalist, Belgium)
  • Eddie Guldolf & Kristof Reulens (Cultural promotors, C-Mine Genk, Belgium)
  • Lieven Jonckheere (Psychoanalist, Belgium)
  • Ramah Kahzam (Art critic, Paris, France)
  • Anita Kaya (Director Im Flieger Vienna, Austria)
  • Marta Kis (Curator Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Martin Kudlek (Galerist Cologne, Germany)
  • Alessandra Laitempergher (Curator Museum Beelden aan Zee, The Hague, Netherlands)
  • Wesley Meuris (Artist, Antwerp, Belgium)
  • Sofie Muller (Artist, Ghent, Belgium)
  • Stefan Peeters (Artist, Belgium)
  • Jessy Rahman (Artist & Curator Quartair The Hague, Netherlands)
  • Ingrid Rollema (Artist, The Hague, Netherlands)
  • Valesca Schneider (Curator Berlin, Germany)
  • Angela Serino (Curator Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Jao Smet (Architect, Belgium)
  • Nathalia Tsala (director Light Cube Art Gallery, Belgium)
  • Stef Van Bellingen (Director WARP, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium)
  • Lex Van Lith (Director Beeldenstorm Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  • Marc Vandecandelaere (Arthistorian & Art Collector Belgium)
  • Yves Velter (Artist, Ostend, Belgium)
  • Thibaut Verhoeven (Curator SMAK Ghent, Belgium)
  • Felix Villanueva (Art Philospher, Netherlands)
  • Maïte Vissault (Director IKOB Eupen, Belgium)
  • Tomas Wendland (Curator Biennial Poznan, Poland)
  • Brigitte Wilfing (Curator Im Flieger, Vienna, Austria)
  • Laura Wilson (Artist & Curator SLG London, UK)
  • Els Wuyts (Curator, Ostend, Belgium)



  • Katja Aufleger (Germany)
  • Lalitha Bandaru (India)
  • Daniel Cabral (Brasil, Belgium)
  • Enneboi (Italy, Belgium)
  • Doireann Ni Ghrioghair (Ireland)
  • Karin Ferrari (Italy, Austria)
  •  Pille-Riin Jaik (Estonia)
  • Koyuki Kazahaya (Japan, Belgium)
  • Linda Lenssen (The Netherlands)
  • Kevin Reynaert (Belgium)
  • Evelin Saul (Estland)
  • Li Seph (China)
  • Pierre Spencer (France, Belgium)
  • Emilie St.Hilaire (Canada)
  • Maria Tsagkari (Greece)
  • Hanne Van Dijck (Belgium)
  • Willem Vermeersch (Belgium)
  • Suzanne Walsh (Ireland)
  • Arnold Wittenberg (Belgium)
  • Rahee Yoon (Korea)
  • David Yu (Canada)


ReactiON OF Nicolas Grenier (1982, Canada), participating artist at the  Triennial of Bruges en participant at the Artist Village in 2013 in C-mine, Genk.

‘Warp Artist Village was a great experience on many different levels. In just one week I had the chance to meet with a great number of critics, curators, artists, gallerists and other professionals from the art world, in addition to fellow artists participating in the residency. Now, two years after the residency, I’m still in contact with many of the people I met there. The way the residency is organized creates countless opportunities to get precious feedback from a variety of practitioners and theoreticians, and some meetings I had led to actual projects, including my participation in the Bruges Triennale.

The work I will present in the 2015 Bruges Triennale is called “Vertically Integrated Socialism”. It consists of a housing concept that proposes the integration of the entire social pyramid in a single building. The building is an architectural template made to condense the economic, political and social disparity of any contemporary metropolis; it is the residents that choose how they participate in this microcosm, and whether it generates social order and stability, or political unrest and revolution. The project presented in the context of the Bruges Triennale will consist of a large installation that includes an apartment unit, an architectural model of a building embodying the housing concept, and an immersive video that will take visitors to each level of the building.’