Art platform WARP launched in April 2017 a new showcase project 'K1' in Sint-Niklaas. K1 is a display window at the adjoining house next to WARP, located in the Apostelstraat, in middle of the city centre with a lot of passage by bikers and pedestrians.


As of Saturday April 28th you can discover the work of  Manuel Penteado.

He presents “An invisible force”, an ephemeral sculpture, comprised of 8 oranges, that when placed together, reveal a shape, up until then, invisible.


Starting as a painter and sculptor, soon came the compulsion to become a collector. A collector of objects, images, shapes, events, emptinesses, and things in-between. Things that when placed together, show a pattern amidst chaos, and hopefully a solution, as elegant as a mathemati- cal formula, to the question of being.


28 April WARP also organises an exhibition in the context of Day of the Dance between 11 am and 6 pm.


Opening on Saturday 28 april 2018

WARP, Apostelstraat 20 in Sint-Niklaas
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