Art platform WARP launched in April 2017 a new showcase project 'K1' in Sint-Niklaas. K1 is a display window at the adjoining house next to WARP, located in the Apostelstraat, in middle of the city centre with a lot of passage by bikers and passangers.


As of Sunday 8 April you can discover the work of Jolien De Roo.

She examines if there is a (clear) meaning that you can read in a represented image. Does this meaning arise during the creating proces, does the artist navigates the meaning or is the meaning afterwards constructed by the spectator. Is there at all such a thing as 'the meaning of an image'? Bringing together multiple images often leads to an ambiguous univers with undefined personae.


In K1 she presents an installation, combining language and image. Two recent scuptures show references of personae. The text fragment suggests a nostalgic memory betweens these two creates.


Opening on Sunday 8 April 2018

WARP, Apostelstraat 20 in Sint-Niklaas
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