In April 2017 we also launched a new showcase project: 'K1'.
Here, young artists receive the opportunity to present their work in the display window of the adjoining house for a month.


Art platform WARP launched in April 2017 a new showcase project 'K1' in Sint-Niklaas. K1 is a display window at the adjoining house next to WARP, located in the Apostelstraat, in middle of the city centre with a lot of passage by bikers and passangers.


Dimensions of the box are:  220cm (H) x 107cm (W) x 100cm (D). By night the window is illuminated and a real light beacon in the street. 


Artists can submit a proposal. For this solo-exhibition with a duration of one month, WARP offers technical and promotional support. 

There will be one day for building and dismantling. For each presentation we provide a portrait of the artist with his or her window project by a professional photographer.



Already participated at K1: 

Yorick Van Ingelgem - Eline Koklenberg/ The Painting Housewife - Sarah De Vos - Sarah Joy Zwarts - Jaco De Maesschalck.



You want to apply?

Please send us by e-mail (info@warp-art.be):

- a draft of the work or installation you want to create (photos: 300 dpi)

- a short text  (ca 15 lines) with an explanation about the work

- more info about you and your motivation as an artist


Deadline: 29 January 2018